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Advancing the Care of Cranial Prosthetics.

Welcome to Cranial Crown, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with cranial differences. Making a bold statement with Cranial Crown: Where Confidence Meets Comfort. 

- Cranial Crown: Advancing the Care of Cranial Prosthetics​-  Where Confidence Meets Comfort​- Understands physical and emotional challenges of hair loss​- Provides a safe and comforting environment for clients​- Offers highest level of medical grade wigs covered by insurance​- Experienced staff to guide through the process​- Provides compassionate support​- Reach out today to learn more about our services

What is a Cranial Prosthesis Specialist?

A cranial prosthesis specialist is a professional who specializes in the creation, fitting, and maintenance of cranial prostheses, also known as hair replacement systems or wigs, for individuals experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions, such as alopecia or undergoing treatments like chemotherapy. These specialists possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of hair restoration and work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and preferences.

Doctor's Appointment

Our Mission

Our mission for Cranial Crown Prosthetics, is to revolutionize the experience of hair loss by providing cutting-edge cranial prosthesis solutions that empower individuals from all backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities to regain their confidence and sense of self. Through ongoing research and innovation, we are dedicated to offering personalized, technologically advanced options to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We prioritize confidentiality and compassion, creating a safe and supportive space where individuals can openly address their personal hair loss concerns. In addition to our industry-leading prosthesis offerings, we provide comprehensive support services, including hair regrowth consultations and planning, crown-circle community group support, along with educational resources, to equip our clients with the tools to navigate the emotional and practical challenges of hair loss .Our goal is to be the trusted partner and support advocate for our clients' hair loss journey ,offering unwavering commitment and exceptional service to inspire confidence and resilience. With a clear focus on improving the lives of those we serve, we are dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the field of cranial prosthetics and empowerment for all crowns.

Our Vison

At Cranial Crown Prosthetics, we envision a future where individuals facing hair loss have
access to premium, natural-looking hair replacement solutions that restore confidence and
personal authenticity.
We are committed to fostering a supportive environment and leading the industry with the
latest technology and techniques, dismantling the stigma of hair loss through open dialogue,
education, and empowerment.Our ultimate vision is to bridge the gap from heart to head, profoundly impacting the lives of
Our ultimate vision is to bridge the gap from heart to head, profoundly impacting the lives of
our clients by championing self-assurance and celebrating the unique essence of every
individual we serve, while offering sponsorships to ensure access for all, regardless of financial
means, and inviting philanthropic support to help us make this vision a reality.


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