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About the CEO
Leila Durant
Founder/Visionary, Cranial Crown Prosthetics

Hello, my name is Leila Durant, and I want to share with you the story of how Cranial Crown
Prosthetics came to be and why it holds such deep meaning for me. My journey began in
1993 with the birth of my preemie twin daughters, who arrived weighing just 10 oz and 15 oz at
a mere 12 inches long. It was a time of uncertainty, as medical treatments for premature babies
were not as advanced as they are today. As a single parent, I faced the daunting task of raising
my precious daughters alone and providing for our family.
In the wake of these challenges, I made the pivotal decision to attend cosmetology school,
becoming a licensed cosmetologist in 1996. Little did I know that this decision would pave the
way for a remarkable journey of self-discovery and purpose. Initially, I delved into hairstyling,
nails, and makeup, finding solace in the artistry and creativity of the beauty industry. However,
it wasn't until later in life, as I witnessed the effects of aging and saw the impact of hair loss on
myself, that I truly understood the profound significance of my chosen path.
As a licensed cosmetologist, I was devastated to confront my own struggle with hair loss,
feeling helpless in the face of my own diminishing hair. Despite my expertise in the field, I found
myself unable to find a solution to preserve my own locks. This deeply personal experience led
me to embark on a quest to unravel the complexities of hair loss and restoration. It became my
relentless mission to not only find a solution for myself, but also to extend this knowledge and
expertise to others facing similar challenges.
Through tireless dedication and unyielding determination, I immersed myself in the world of
hair loss and restoration, uncovering insights that would ultimately shape the foundation of
Cranial Crown Prosthetics. My personal journey of self-discovery and resilience fueled my
passion to create a sanctuary for individuals seeking rejuvenation, confidence, and
empowerment in the face of hair loss.
At Cranial Crown Prosthetics, we are not just crafting prosthetics – we are weaving together
stories of courage, beauty, and hope, one crown at a time. Our team is committed to providing
innovative, personalized solutions that honor the unique beauty and spirit of each individual,
redefining standards of beauty and advocating for inclusivity.
Join us in celebrating diversity, embracing individuality, and inspiring confidence. Together, let's
create a world where every individual feels confident, beautiful, and truly seen.

Looking forward to connecting!

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